Viral Aftermath

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    "Will You Survive?..."

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    Welcome to Viral Aftermath

    Will you survive?...

    Home of the custom zombie gamemode...

    Viral Aftermath is a server network containing a custom gamemode. Viral Aftermath currently has 4 servers; The Hub, EU1, EU2 and US1. Our gamemode servers consist of a custom gamemode developed just for us. It features a highly detailed map along with custom challenges, skills and more.

    When you first join the server, you will be presented at the hub; a warm and cosy lobby with peaceful* music. Our main server is EU1. To join EU1, connect to the hub and right click your compass; The core and heart of Viral Aftermath. If you decide to support the server and donate, you can join EU2; a donator only server with extra features. US1 is a replica of EU1; but our server is based in the US.

    *Peaceful music implies Miley Cirus; Wrecking Ball, Jingle Bells and Ellie Goulding; Burn.

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    Detailed Map

    Not only does Viral Aftermath feature multiple servers and custom plugins, but it also features a highly-detailed custom map. On the left, you can see a small image of part of the map; the point of view for this image is located near the center of the map.

    Our map is a local town based in a HIC*. Since the zombies have started rolling in, the town has become destroyed. Fortunately, the town still has a shop, so don't forget to drop in to upgrade your armour and weapons.

    *In case you didn't know, HIC means 'High Income Country'.

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