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Viral Aftermath

Will you survive?



Earth, the world that never sleeps. Dr Bryan came up with a cure to treat all illnesses and diseases, they called it the Astronomy Tablet,'could protect you from every symptom in the universe'. In just one day, ONE DAY!, the whole earth fell apart, no one had a clue of what was happening or why. There were incidents and a myth of a plague. The plague that could never be cured. A simple, innocent tablet that turned the rich, the poor, the young and the old, the good and the Evil, into cold.. Deliberate.. Cannibals in just a matter of seconds.

Yes, the brilliant Dr had all the answers and he damned the earth, for that He was outcast into the horde with just one bullet. He was alone. Zombies surrounded him instantly! FIGHT or give up? Then the deathly quiet was broken by a sharp sudden noise, the noise of a single hopeless gun shot. The amazing dr was no longer, His legacy had doomed the innocent. To this day, People carry on to fight, they carry on to survive. They are the good people. And they are bad people, but they all want the same outcome - For this horror to end.

That one burning question remains, the obvious question. But days go by, not one person dares to ask...

'Will you survive?...'

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